Souls of The Holy Saints

The Adoration of The Holy Trinity by All The Saints by Albrecht Durer

The Acts of the saints are like a living Gospel; they are the property, the riches of the church, our riches also, which we cannot suffer to be lessened, without losing some of our inheritance.

“The souls of the Saints are in the hands of God,” as the Scriptares say ; he has placed them in glory and beatitude, sheltered from every attack, from all alteration ; but their holy relics, and the truths of their history have been left with us as sacred deposits. It is to the guardianship of the church, to the pious veneration of the faithful, that God has entrusted these precious remains, which he will, one day, re-establish in glory.

It was the lot of the saints to be persecuted on earth; the same persecution, which once attacked their persons, now attacks their memories. They were formerly put to death, now they are denied; it is another way to destroy them.

Impiety does not belie herself; she pursues her work even to the end. Let us also pursue ours, Let us collect these venerated memories, and enshrine them in our faith, as the diamond in gold. Let poetry, let the arts surround them with their fascinations; let these awaken sentiment and affection for them, and when the imagination and the heart are captive, the mind will be more easily convinced. But if our efforts are powerless to repair these ruins, and restore the Acts of the Saints to their original beauty, God will know how to return to them their imperishable lustre, and what man effaces of their history remains written in heaven.

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